Tutorials on Podcasting

If you'd like a tutorial on a topic not listed below, send email to elc-help@nau.edu. Faculty and staff can also sign up for workshops at the e-Learning Center.

iTunes Software Help

Podcast Basics

This tutorial explains what a podcast is, types of podcasts, considerations of why you may or may not want to use podcasting, and legal considerations regarding podcast content. Read this section first if you are new to podcasting.

Downloading Podcasts

This tutorial walks you through navigating to a site on iTunes U and downloading single or multiple podcasts. It also explains how to subscribe to, and unsubscribe from, a podcast.

Creating Podcasts

This section includes (or will include) tutorials for creating audio, enhanced, and video podcasts for on both the Windows and Mac platforms. Check back often; the tutorials are added and modified regularly.

Uploading Podcasts

This tutorial guides you through uploading podcasts and other files to iTunes U.

Understanding and Editing Access Levels

This tutorial explains the access levels available to you and other visitors to your iTunes U site, and guides you through modifying those levels.

Adding iTunes U to Your Bb Learn Shell

This tutorial explains how to create a Power Link or a regular Web Link from your Vista shell to your iTunes U shell.


Access the private side of iTunes U
Access the public side of iTunes U


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